FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I would like to join you as a photographer, but I am just an amateur and I am concerned my photographic skills are insufficient.

Visible improvement of your own photographic skills is one of the advantages the Man and faith project gives the photographers. Most of our photographers are amateurs. Their goodwill to learn from the others is vital. A photographer’s level after joining the project is significantly enhanced almost without exception. Applicants for joining attend an introductory expert workshop lectured by the best project photographers. Furthermore, the project uses a pre-publishing approval system in which a photographer gains specific feedback to his or her submitted images from one of the advanced photographers in the long run. And last but not least – at present, the project acts as a live photographic community on social media.

I would like to join you as a photographer, but I am concerned my photographic gear is insufficient.

The only condition for you to do photographic work in the Man and faith project is the ownership (or the disposal) of a DSLR camera. Regrettably, this condition cannot be overridden as compact cameras (even those with exchangeable lenses) will not provide required image quality. Some of our photographers use their DSLRs with just entry-level and slower speed lenses and yet they can achieve very good (=sufficient) results. The Man and faith photographers who change and/or extend their gear have, within the project photographic community, the possibility to demand or offer used equipment or borrow the gear they don’t need on regular basis (such as walkie-talkies, color probes etc.).

According to your documents, the copyrights to the photos I take within the project are assigned to the Man and faith fellowship. Does this mean I can no longer dispose of my photos then?

Although there is some limitation to the right of disposal, the assignment of the user photo rights to the Man and faith fellowship is not primarily driven by any efforts to restrict a photographer’ disposal of his or her own photos. The aim is to make sure that the photos created within the Man and faith project are consistently used for the purpose they have been taken and prevented from any misuse. Among other things, the project provides photographers with access to above-standard events otherwise inaccessible to the public or to locations other photographers are banned from (such as a cathedral’s presbytery). Thus, the project gains some exclusivity thanks to a long-term co-operation with specific church subjects based on mutual trust and agreed rules. Therefore, the user photo rights will remain the fellowship’s property even if some photographer leaves the project. In practice, there are no disputes as regards the image use also because the images are available to anyone for free or for very little charges (if in high resolution).

I would like to get a specific image from your database. How can I find and get it?

You can retrieve a photo in two ways. First: enter the Man and faith photo database URL in your search engine field: http://galerie.clovekavira.cz/galerie. In the upper right corner of the screen (under the logo) click the Search Images button. A table will be shown in which you can select a photo according to the preset categories (a yellow triangle opens each category’s menu. To select an item, check the corresponding white square box). To confirm the selected categories, click the View button at the bottom right. In this way, mainly theme-based images are retrieved. If you are looking for an image from a specific event and venue, you can also use the second search method: again, enter the Man and faith photo database URL in your search engine field: http://galerie.clovekavira.cz/galerie. In the left column (under the logo and the Search Images button) click corresponding links to select the required event – most images are located in the Catholic church directory where you can select the event’s diocese, year and month step-by-step. The click-to-open procedure can be done by clicking the name in the right column or the relevant thumbnail in the screen center. In our ordering system, you can open and view each event’s image gallery or order individual photos or the entire album (just like you would in a common e-shop). A number of galleries contain a sub-gallery where documentary images for the event’s participants and images that could not fit in the main set are located. Based on your order (and/or upon your payment receipt in case of charged orders), you will receive a link to download you photos within a certain time-limit. Notice: In case of large-scale events where individual photos are taken (such as a confirmation of a larger number of confirmands), due to the time-demanding post-processing, some photos may be added to the sub-gallery with up to several days’ delay.

I would like to use an image from your database. What are the conditions for my usage?

The images from the Man and faith project can be used for publishing and other purposes. The condition for publishing is stating the author’s and the project’s name. You can publish both in printed media and in digital form on the web or social media. You will find the images price list below.

I want to invite a photographer from the Man and faith project to my event. How does it work?

On the http://www.clovekavira.cz website, press the Shooting request button (at about middle of the page) to open the web order form (or you can use a direct link here: http://clovekavira.cz/potrebuji-nafotit/). Please complete the form with the event’s required data (date, time, church, venue address) and don’t forget to add the organizer’s contact details. To submit the completed form, press the yellow Submit button. The form will be automatically sent to the project’s common e-mail address for further processing.

How can I find out if a Man and faith photographer will appear in a certain event?

On the project http://www.clovekavira.cz website, press the Shooting schedule button (upper bar center) to open the updated event list covered by our photographers (or you can use a direct link here: http://clovekavira.cz/kde-budeme-fotit/). All the events stated here will be documented, subject to their importance, by one or more photographers of the Man and faith project. You can sort the event list by entering a diocese in the list upper right corner (above the Photographers button).

I want to co-operate with a local photographer of the Man and faith project in the long run. How can I find out which photographer operates near my region?

On the http://www.clovekavira.cz website, press the Contact button (upper bar right), or use can use a direct link here: http://clovekavira.cz/kontakt/. On the bottom of the opened page, you will find a map with active Man and faith photographers marked. Notice: Due to the privacy protection, the addresses stated at the photographers’ names are those of their parish churches or other public locations. These are not private postal addresses.

I want to support the Man and faith project by a financial donation. How can I proceed?

Although our photographers work free of charge on a voluntary basis, the project may only exist thanks to a multi-resource funding to which, in addition to the Czech Bishops’ Conference and bigger sponsors, anyone who appreciates the project function and thinks it meaningful may contribute. The funds from donations are mainly used to expand, manage and maintain our electronic storage, to cover the costs of our exhibitions and other expenses of mainly technical nature. Account number to send financial donations: IBAN: CZ3755 0000 0000 0000 707938, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP. The confirmation of the donation amount for tax purposes will be issued upon request (clovekavira@gmail.com).