The Man and faith fellowship genesis began in 2011. The first aim was to promote the Christian photography as the so far neglected genre and contribute to the photographers’ behavior refinement during worships. The fellowship activity was launched with three photographers in Prague, which was followed by fast development, resulting in more than one hundred members functioning in the Man and faith fellowship at present (in ages ranging from 15 to 84 years).

Thanks to our precise work attitude, liturgy knowledge and photographic results, we have succeeded in establishing firm positions in the church structures. We enjoy the Czech Bishops’ Conference support, we are the photographers of the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague and other well-known cathedrals in Bohemia and Moravia, we co-operate with individual bishops in their dioceses and we are the partners of a number of monastic fellowships, religious organizations and parishes. We make coverages of all important events in the Czech Republic church community with occasional crossover to other countries. Fellowship founder Roman Albrecht is the personal photographer of Cardinal Dominik Duka. Our photos are published in church and other periodicals, books and social media on regular basis. We operate the Czech largest database of photos from the church environment. We organize annual exhibitions of our best artworks that first open in Advent each year in Prague castle and then migrate around other dioceses during the year.